Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer glow.

This is a piece I did over the summer. One of my favorites still! Inspired by a good friend. A personal piece.

We were living just for the moment.

Surrounded by dawn and early morning chills.

In our hands we held the leftovers of night.

A night that even in its darkness,

everything burned bright.

Especially your eyes.

It’s like watching the sunrise every time I look into them,



In your hands you hold a firefly, glistening gold.

They’re like stars among the earth.

We catch and hold them,

like times of childhood

when all that mattered was having a jar full.

When we were innocent and naïve

and didn’t know of how amazing it is to fall in love or

how painful it is to fall apart.

But none of that matters in this moment.


It’s you and me, surrounded by dawn and the stars on earth.

A glittering moon still holding it’s place in the sky

as if it were afraid of disappearing in the suns light.

Though, the moon absorbs the suns light and reflects it back.

That’s how we are.


Let’s hold onto this moment, as if our lives depended on it.

As if there could possibly be nothing better.

And when the sky reflects your eyes and we start to walk away from this dream,

I’ll know the moments over

but I can’t wait to taste and feel all those still meant to come.

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