Friday, May 7, 2010

Such a slacker on updating!

So I placed 3rd in the 'William H. Ely Exhibition'! I was soo surprised and excited.

1st place winner was Jimmy Tierney, whose work gets more and more amazing all the time. He does a lot of really fantastic book covers and is a great designer.
2cd place winner was Kei Tawara, who has some really nice digital concept art.
And the other 3rd place winner was Dillon Shea, who was a big surprise but has some very interesting digital work.

There were also honorable mentions for : Elizabeth Hallman, April Read, Jet Landis and Sean Talamini.

I also wanted to plug Jess Adamentz because of the kind words she wrote about me on her blog. Her work is really fantastic and she's such a great painter. Her work is always very whimsical and fun.

Anyway! I have been doing fun fun revisions and here they are. Revisions always make things look better. = )

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